3D Ribbon

3D Ribbon

A neverending ribbon twists its way through 3D space.

Based on the VertexNoise.qtz patch from the GLSL examples in the Dev Tools

Mad props go to Mr Monkeypresso for the idea. And of course to Philip Rideout of 3d Labs, Inc who wrote the GLSL code.

Contains GLSL code which is Copyright (c) 2005-2006: 3Dlabs, Inc.

Detailed Info: 


Speed: make the ribbon go slower or faster

Hue: change the colour on the fly

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I want to delete this one

Greate patch!! I have

Greate patch!!

I have been playing with it and I could make a ribbon describing a tunnel.
You just have to ask me if you want the patch.
here is a sample: http://www.vimeo.com/3955284

I would like to get the movement of the first edge so I can add particles to move around the begining part of the ribbon. So we could finally make something similar to

Glenn Marshall http://www.vimeo.com/1511115

oscar. :)


Wonderfull flow in it. Having really fun messing around with it :D


Have you considered adding brute-force Supersampling as an option to smooth edges?

Gimme a shout if you don't know what I mean. 



Wow... Wow Yea YEa (and some others strange expressions)

thanks Memo this is somethings coveted....


This one is by Joris

This one is by Joris (goto10), rather than the ever-wonderful Memo.

Good stuff Joris!



hihihi... as long as my

hihihi... as long as my girlfriend doesn't call me memo ;-)

thanks guys, glad you like it!